Antimicrobial effect

MicroSilver BG™ scores points because of its long-term effects. MicroSilver BG™ is highly pure silver. Its emission of silver ions is sustainable and ensures that an excessive microbial load on the skin is reduced and the natural skin flora can regenerate.

Excellent levels of compatibility with the skin

All personal care products containing the ingredient MicroSilver BG™ have been developed for specific dermatological applications and quickly and sustainably improve the natural appearance of the skin and support its natural regeneration. MicroSilver BG™ also does not cause any side effects when used on a daily basis and can be combined with numerous personal care ingredients quite safely.

Clinically tested

Bio-Gate AG is a public health company that by using unique silver technologies equips materials and products with antimicrobial properties. In cooperation with renowned customers and research partners the products are tested in in-use-tests and clinical studies.

Certified natural product

MicroSilver BG™ is a certified natural product. The ingredient is manufactured by a purely physical process, which guarantees an environmentally friendly production. It therefore has organic labels from ECOCERT and COSMOS. A strict monitoring ensures, that MicroSilver BG™ is microparticulate and not a nanomaterial.

Patented BG technology

MicroSilver BG™ is a high quality product, which is made in Germany. Elemental metallic silver of highest purity is given its specific porous structure in a physical process developed by the Fraunhofer Society. Its unique high surface area and its spongy structure facilitate the long-lasting antimicrobial effect of MicroSilver BG™ products.