Our organism is able to heal injuries of the skin by itself. However, wounds are not only painful for the affected person, they often take longer times to heal. Due to wounds bacteria, viruses and fungi can colonize and penetrate into deeper skin or adjacent tissue. The damaged skin barrier thus worsens the situation drastically. MicroSilver BG™ remains on the surface of the skin, protects the skin and supports the maintenance and regeneration of a natural skin barrier. Use the skin-friendly protection by MicroSilver BG™ and find out more about the effect of MicroSilver BG™ in modern wound care.

A diabetic foot

is a common complication of diabetes. Blood vessels and nerves are damaged as a result of high blood sugar levels. Wounds on the feet often remain undetected and can become infected. They also take longer to heal. In addition to bacteria, also viruses, fungi and even parasites can cause infections.

How MicroSilver BG™ supports diabetic foot care

MicroSilver BG™ remains on the surface of the skin, which makes it particularly suitable for the daily care of the diabetic foot. Its sustainable skin conditioning effects support a more healthy and better protected skin barrier, thus reducing the risks of infections or concomitant inflammations.

How MicroSilver BG™ supports the care of stressed and chapped skin

MicroSilver BG™ supports the natural skin barrier, protects the skin and prevents infections caused by microorganisms on the skin.

Silver ions from MicroSilver BG™ can directly attack crucial structures of microorganisms and thus prevent them from further proliferation.

Skin care

Pollution, excessive sun exposure, eating disorders or wrong diets, psychosomatic stress and a derailed skin flora, all these factors contribute to the daily noxes to which our skin is exposed.
MicroSilver BG ™ is the skin conditioner that supports the natural defense of your skin in a gentle and sustainable manner. A natural healthy skin condition is achieved with enough resilience against environmental challenges.

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Oral care

There are numerous microorganisms in the human mouth. We come into contact with additional pathogens by our daily food. After tooth brushing or mouth rinsing remaining plaque is an ongoing source for caries and local inflammation. MicroSilver BG™ by binding to these remains stays locally enriched on the tooth enamel even hours after tooth brushing or mouth rinsing.
You can therefore use it for personal prevention. Use the excellent antimicrobial properties of MicroSilver BG™ and find out more about the effect of MicroSilver BG™ toothpaste on the sensitive oral mucosa.

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